Youtube Seo Tips 2017 | 8 Important Facts To Rank Videos Fast


After reaching and reading many articles for three weeks I have found some important points which are important for ranking YouTube videos higher. These tips are proved by the experts and helpful for getting the highest number of visitors.Here are the youtube optimization tips for you.

Video length & video quality

It is the most important thing to rank your video.A survey shows that video for 9-15 minutes ranks well on YouTube.

Short length videos don’t rank on YouTube because when some one search something on YouTube the algorithm wants to give the best video with details. They also want the quality videos.

For example


for example here I searched for Samsung galaxy s6 unboxing and the search result shows that top 3 videos are lengthy than other and the highest number of views has got by the longest video (3rd video) which is for 33 minutes 51 seconds.

Again with video length video quality is important. So if you make a good quality video with a good length, your video will rank at a good position.

Note: you should upload an average length good video. For this search the keywords on you search box of youtube and make an avage lenght from top 10 videos.


Put Exact Keyword On Begining Of The Title

You have to use the exact keyword about your YouTube video. This an another most important fact.The Exact keyword means those keywords which users use to search on youtube or google. For example:

How to seo youtube video & how to get your youtube video seo both has the same meaning but users will search for the first one. So you should be like the keyword how to seo youtube video on a title.You may take help of Google Adwords or other premium keyword researching tools for that.

Use LSI KW On Description of the video

In Seo LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing.Which is a mathematical method used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content. That means when you put the description should write something related to your video title with synonyms. For example

If Seo tips 2017  is our main title, we can use Seo tutorial or seo techniques in place of tips in our description.

Note: Some experts says description does not have much effect on ranking a video. So it is not recommended giving description for youtube seo.But it is better using A good Description with synonyms around 200-300 words because giving a good description with LSI Keywords won’t take much time but it will improve the user experience of the viewer.

Using Proper Tags

Proper tag means giving tags related with the title.The Proper tag is very important to get more views in your video.In the case of giving tags properly can take the help of  VidIQ extension on google chrome.It is easy and simple to install and to use.Using this extension you can find the tags of your competitors and use those tags on your youtube video.

Here is an image about the VidIQ …


  • Do not use irrelevant tags
  • You should use those tags which are related to your video.
  • It is better to give a tag of your channel name.If you do so your other videos will be showed on youtube sidebar. As a result you can get more views.
  • Using VidIQ extension is better & don’t put so many tags. Just 10-15 good tags are enough to rank.

View/watch time ratio 15 seconds & User Interaction Signal

This is important another fact. If you can hold viewers for more than 15 seconds there is a good chance for you to get a good rank on youtube. Youtube robots always give priority which video have longer watch time. Again interaction signal is important. When Youtube robots crawl your video it takes the news of like and dislike ratio of your video, comments and users curiosity.

For holding users and getting good signals

  • Upload quality video
  • At first give introduction nicely about your video
  • Make attractive and interesting presentation
  • Always give a clear concept of your video at the starting of your video

Backlinks Bonus

You make some good quality backlinks.This is same as making backlinks of the website on SEO. You can share your video on good social media sites like  Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Sharing videos on high authority websites and social media play an important role in youtube video optimization. It also helps to increase the views of your video.

Using Interesting Thumbnail

It a good a way to get views on your video by making a acctractive thumnail. If your can attract the visitors by an interesting thumbnail you will get more views and subscribers.For this do not need to know photshop working. You can easily make a good thumnail image by many free tools.Canva is on them.Next post I will post about making a good banner on canva.Moreover there are many freetools for this.You can search them on google for more information.


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