8 Awsome Features of Xiaomi Phone’s you might not know


Today i’m writing about 8 necessary features of Xiaomi phone. These features are most of the time ignored by us beacuse of our apathy. So i am writing those hidden features …

  • Hidden Album

    We all have Some personal pictures which we do not want to show anybody. So we have ti use App locker or other security apps. But in xiaomi pone there is no need of these problems. Because you can easily hide your personal thing without any third part apps.

Screen shot is given below

xiaomi phone hidden album

First of all you have to add your pic in hidden file like the image shown.Then you to save a pattern for hidden album.Now go to gallery then swap like the image to see the hidden pictures.

  • File Hider

Like hidden pictures we have many personal files which we do not want to show anybody. So Team MUI has also give the facility to to hide your files safely.You just need to follow the pictures below


xiaomi phone file hide


.hide file on xiaomi phone

Done ! Now you can hide your files easily

  • Child Lock Mode

Sometimes our litttle brothe or sister play games,watches video on our phone.We always have a tension that child may delete our important files unconsciously. So Xiaomi has given child lock system on the phone .

To Enjoy The child lock features You have go to —

Settings → Additional Settings → Child Mode/Lock – On

Screen shot for To understand

child lock mode on xiaomi


  • Guest Mode (Only For MUI 7)

To hide our files from little brother we us child lock mode. But when our Elder check our phone what can we do ! :p .In this case we have to use Guest mode.

Guest mode system

Settings → Additional Settings →Privacy → Guest Mode 

The work of the features to hide your Call History,Incoming Call,Data,Apps,Messages etc. These will run in background but none can know about them.

Screenshot given below

guest mode on xiaomi

  • Private Messaging & Separate Notification of OTPs

You can hide your personal message and notifications on your xiaomi phone.

Screenshot below given to understand 🙂

hide message on your xiaomi phone


  • Mi Mover

You can send File,apps,images and videos from One Mi device to another using Mi mover. The Mi Mover feature is Bulit in All Mi device so there is not need to download .

To enjoy Mi mover go to Settings → Additional Settings →Mi Mover

Mi Mover feature on xiaomi

But Good thing is Mi mover has publicly released so you can send and receive file any device using Mi Mover

  • Wifi Password Share

Mi users can easily see their connected wifi password. There is no need to root device to see wifi password on Mi device.

Go To setting -> Wifi Select your Wifi and tap to share password. A QR code appear in screen. Take a screenshot of this QR code.Scan this code with scanner Now you can see your connected Wifi Password.

  • Mi Cloud & Find Phone Options

You can save your important files like pictures ,videos, documents etc on mi cloud. Mi is giving 2 gb cloud storage to save your file on cloud.

You can find your stolen or lost phone’s location using Find Phone features of xiaomi.

For this Go to i.mi.com then login with your Mi account and click find devices. Now you will see your phone’s loaction in map.

Hopefully my post have helped you 🙂


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